The US market has a wide range of construction companies, but not all specialize in both residential and commercial construction services.

To make sure you hire the right construction specialist for your project, you must learn the key differences between the construction of a commercial and residential property.


Residential and commercial properties vary largely when it comes to floor space. While a residential building can be constructed with minimum equipment, a commercial building can’t.

A professional construction company will be well-equipped to build a construction building that requires high-powered machinery, large cranes, and other specialized tools.


The construction material of both properties isn’t the same either. While residential construction mostly depends on timber, commercial buildings use steel frames.

However, a commercial building can cover the cost of steel, so the price of the construction material is justified.

Residential property owners prefer timber because it’s cost-effective and affordable. Commercial property owners can’t say much about the construction material as it’s typically decided by the construction company.

Legal Permissions

While both types of buildings must fulfill certain property regulations. However commercial buildings involve complex codes and legal permits for construction.

Construction Period

Since commercial properties require a larger workforce and there’s more pressure to meet the deadline, the construction company must put in maximum efficiency.

Whereas residential projects run at a slower pace. However, commercial projects still take longer for project completion as compared to residential construction.

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Since residential buildings don’t involve complex constructions, therefore, they’re much easier to construct. Commercial buildings require extensive functionality because they include a wide range of building types—shops, laboratories, theaters, hospitals, sports clubs, etc.

Not only does the increased functionality demand more time, but it also adds on cost—the cost of installing fire protection gear, escalators, security, lighting, HVAC, lifts, etc.


The construction of commercial property along with public-funded projects usually involves large investments as compared to a residential construction project.

A residential project can be made according to the budget of the homeowner. But the larger the scope of the work, the higher it’s the cost. A commercial project requires heavy funding to reach completion.

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