Drywall is prone to damage over the years if you don’t maintain your home regularly.

Dents, holes, and cracks in walls occur over time and must be repaired before applying a fresh coat of paint. Fortunately, the process of drywall repair is quick and easy. Follow this guide on how to fix the most common drywall damages.

Prepare your Materials and Tools

You need the following hardware items to repair drywall:

  • Drywall for patching
  • Joint compound
  • Construction adhesive
  • Paper tape
  • A few paint stirrers
  • An object that can be used as a straight edge (e.g., ruler)
  • A sharp blade and a utility knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrush

Install Backing Strips

First, trim the edges of the hole in your wall to create straight sides and a rectangular shape. Mark the cutting lines on your drywall and use a saw to cut along.

Next, cut the plywood into two pieces. The length of each piece should be greater than the hole’s length.

Place a piece into the hole across the longer side with the glued surface facing the back of the drywall.

Hold down the strip firmly by driving screws into the drywall and the strip. Install the backing strip with the same process at the long side hole.

Install and Tape the Drywall Patch

Cut a drywall patch that fits the hole loosely. Place the covering on the hole, use screws, and apply adhesive to hold it firmly with the backing strips.

Make sure to maintain the spacing between screws.

Once done, tape the seams, which should lie flat without any wrinkles or bulges. Apply a light layer of drywall joint compound using a knife to cover the taping. Let it dry and later scrape off the surface to remove any clumps. Layer it twice again and leave the third layer to dry.

Wall paint with a roller

Sand and Paint

Use a sanding sponge to smoothen the dried surface compound. Clear away the sanding dust with a rag and apply a primer coat to cover the whole patch. Apply a coat or two followed by painting the entire wall to leave no signs of the repair.

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