When maintaining your building is more expensive than renovating it, it’s time to consider demolishing it. It’s better to invest in building a project from scratch by demolishing it either entirely or partially.

Complete demolishing tears down the entire building whereas, partial demolishing eliminates only certain parts preserving the foundation for remodeling.

Here are some of the common reasons why your building needs to be demolished.

Increase Property Value

If you’re unable to rent out the current building, demolishing it gives you more leeway to build an office space or residential building that will attract more buyers or tenants.

A Faulty Foundation

Building owners usually demolish a building when it has a weak foundation. A poorly planned structure of a project can lead to brittle floors and cause uneven moisture trappings in many areas.

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An Old Building

Old buildings are also likely to have weaker foundations and walls because the materials used in construction may have degraded over the years. An unstable building can no longer hold the structure together, and that’s why it should be demolished. Though most of these buildings look good on the outside, they tend to have various underlying problems. Moreover, demolishing a building with poor plumbing and ventilation will probably cost you much less than renovating it.

The Building has Insects/Animals or is Made up of Hazardous Materials

Buildings and homes abandoned for years turn into a habitat for bees, termites, and other pests. One can hire an exterminator, but if the problem persists, the best solution is to call a demolition team.

In addition, there may be toxic chemicals in the building, such as lead, mercury, and asbestos. If any of these substances are found, the building needs to be demolished. You can hire professionals to remove hazardous waste from the building before demolishing it.


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