The ultimate outcome that every homeowner expects when they undertake remodeling projects is better returns on their investment. So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your facilities and want to earn the best from your money, this blog is just for you!

Here, we’ve compiled some home remodeling ideas that increase your property value!

Idea # 01: Kitchen Renovation

Since the kitchen holds primary importance in a residential facility, investing in its renovation can enhance the overall property value. According to research, you can regain about 60% to 120% of your investment in kitchen remodel.

Fresh paint and energy-efficient appliances and fixtures will go a long way in improving the property’s value.

Idea # 02: Install Energy Efficiency Windows

Today, homeowners prefer energy-efficient homes that help preserve energy bills and the environment altogether. So, if you’re thinking of remodeling your homes, adding energy-efficient windows will add overall value to your property.

Idea # 03: Bathroom Remodeling

Another valuable idea for home remodeling is a mid-range bathroom upgrade. It includes updating the tiles, toilets, counters, fixtures, and lightings. According to estimates, it can get you a return of about 70%!

This home remodeling idea is perfect for homeowners who have outdated bathrooms in their facilities. Upgrading the bathroom amenities will help increase the property’s resale value.

Idea # 04: Deck Addition

Did you notice an emerging trend in home remodeling? People now prefer renovations and updates in the home exterior. So, invest in an outdoor living space or a deck addition that can revamp your home’s resale value significantly.

Adding an appealing deck or backyard can help you cover your investment cost at the time of property sale. However, the cost of adding a deck varies with the area size and materials used. Hiring a contractor can help you complete your remodeling timely and cost-effectively.

Idea # 05: Enhance Landscape and Curb Appeal

A home’s curb appeal carries primary importance in catching the potential buyer’s attention. It can add about 5% to a home’s value if it’s beautifully designed and constructed.

So with minimalistic landscape ideas like paved driveways, properly maintained lawn spaces, blooming flowers, and new shrubberies, you can uplift your home’s landscape and curb appeal while making a valuable investment.

While you can complete minor upgrades yourself, it’s recommended to hire professional contractors for bigger remodeling projects. At Smith & Son Construction, we offer high-quality and reliable remodeling and new construction services in Concord, CA.

Our professional contractors take pride in rejuvenating your facilities by providing paving and grading services, drywall painting, demolition & hauling services, and epoxy flooring services.