Summers have formally started in California with sunshine and warmth experienced at full intensity. While this is the perfect weather to enjoy the beach, it’s also an ideal time to inspect and maintain your building exterior.

The season brings several risks of damage to your facility’s walls, roofs, and sidings. Therefore, it’s necessary to take maintenance measures to protect your property. Here, we’ve compiled some common roof problems you need to watch out for this summer!

Problem # 01: Sun Damage

Summers bring ample heat and sunlight that cause the roofs to warp or crack due to prolonged exposure. The shingles weaken and the surface color fades. Additionally, the areas that receive more UV rays are likely to wear out significantly than others.

However, you can prevent this problem by applying UV-resistant coating to your roofs. It functions the same as sunscreen does for the skin. Get in touch with professional contractors if you notice your shingles wearing out or roof color fading.

Problem # 02: Mold and Algae

Another common roof problem that property owners experience is mold and algae. When the roof’s temperature is less than the atmospheric air, it causes condensation. Also, when it rains, it brings moisture. And moisture is the biggest breeding point for mold, mildew, and algae.

Not only are these buildups eyesores, but also they pose serious health threats to property owners. If overlooked, the mold and algae growth penetrate the entire roof, causing leaks and seeps, subsequently increasing your energy bills!

Problem # 03: Summer Storms

While severe storms don’t generally hit California, that doesn’t mean that the state is free from strong winds and hail damage. Storm damage is one of the most significant damages that property owners face.

The broken tree branches, flying debris, overflowing gutters, and blocked drains can cause a huge menace to roofs. Therefore, always take preventive measures for your roof if there is a storm prediction to minimize the damage.

Green algae and mold on the roof

Problem # 04: Roof Leakages

Is your roof leaking? If you said yes, you’re not alone. Many property owners experience leaky roofs during the summer due to a lack of maintenance. Additionally, they encounter improper ventilation in their facilities that can also cause a damaged roof.

Therefore, get your roofs checked and inspected before the summer season to avoid all the problems and spend the season peacefully in your comfortable spaces.

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