There are several factors that demolition experts consider before demolishing a building. They also consider what method they should use to demolish the building based on the materials of the building, where it’s located, and what the purpose of the demolition is.

There are various ways to demolish a structure. Here’s what you need to know:


Implosion is a demolition process that uses explosives to make a building collapse by making its main structure explode. It’s accomplished by attaching explosives to a building’s beams, slab, and columns, as removing this will cause a whole building to collapse.

Selective Demolition

This is a demolition process that involves recycling and reusing building materials after the demolition has taken place. This means that the interior and exterior of a building are demolished according to whether the brick, concrete, or metals allow recycling or not. This recycled material will then be mixed with the old material and used for the new building that is made.

The biggest problem faced with this method is that it is labor-intensive and difficult to achieve in a short amount of time.

High Reach Excavators

High Reach Excavators are commonly used as alternatives to using explosives and are used to demolish larger building structures where demolition by explosion is not possible. Therefore, this machine is used to remove large pieces of a structure, which are then broken down and sorted before disposal. It is considered safer than a wrecking ball for the demolition of larger buildings.

Using a Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Balls are used in situations where bulldozers and excavators cannot be used, such as when the building is too tall. Since a wrecking ball involves a steel ball attached to a steel rope, the force causes a large amount of destruction, which cannot stop once it begins. Since it weighs 13,500 pounds, a wrecking ball is difficult to control after it hits a structure.

Therefore, it requires highly experienced and skilled operators to operate it. Moreover, this type of demolition leads to a large amount of vibration, noise, and dust and is only considered if a building requires it.

Interior Demolition

Interior demolition is when a building is demolished so that the outer part, such as the walls, partition, and ceiling stay undamaged. This is commonly used to increase space within a home so the focus is on removing the interior rather than the exterior.

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